The Path to Yosemite

Usually for me it is either to completely unplanned picture or the picture that I had to work to get the shot that I like the best.  The image below is the exception to that rule.

I had been wanting to get this picture for a long time now.  For one reason or another it never seemed to work out.  Earlier this year part of Tioga road was closed down due to the rim fire.  This prevented people from the central valley and coastal regions of California from having an easy way to get to the Tuolumne Meadows area of Yosemite.  This, in turn, enabled me to get in a last minute trip to the area in September of this year.

The second night I was there I drove over Tioga Pass and down the road a little way.  There I setup my camera, framed the picture, took a couple of shots to get the exposure I wanted, and then waited for a couple of cars to come up the road.  As soon as I saw a car at the bottom of the road (just out of frame) I opened the shutter and waited.  a few seconds into the shot car came from behind me driving down the hill (you can see the red tinge in the light streak in the shot.

The Path to Yosemite
Cars traveling to and from Yosemite at night.


Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
300 secs
ISO 100

So while planned the shot was almost easy to get for me that night.  Things just worked out.  I ended up taking a couple more pictures just to be save but this first one was by far my favorite.


Storm Over the Falls

This is another one of my favorite pictures from my February trip to Yosemite.  What is interesting about this one is when I first went through my pictures I totally dismissed this picture.  It was, of course, in color and looked totally flat.  It wasn’t until several months later when I was going back through some of my pictures that I wondered what this one would look like as black and white (you can see the straight convert here).  After playing around with the contrast and clarity a bit I arrived at the below picture:

Storm Over the Falls
Early morning winter storm rolling into Yosemite Valley


Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Lens: EF20mm f/2.8 USM
1/320 secs
ISO 100

I am not real happy with the edit yet.  To me it feels a over done but when I try and tone it down I feel like the image doesn’t pop.  Regardless, it has become one of my favorite images from my trip.

Polaris over the Falls

In February of this year I took a camping trip to Yosemite in hopes of seeing Horsetail Fall illuminated by the setting sun.  Unfortunately while I was there the show was less than I was hoping for.  There just wasn’t enough water flowing for the sun to light up.  Fortunately for me I was still in Yosemite and there was plenty to see and photograph.
One of my favorite photos from the trip mostly happened by accident.  The first night I was in the park I decided that I wanted to try my hand at some night photography.  I had not done much night photography in recent years so I was not exactly sure where to begin.  I started with what I remembered back in the days of using my fathers venerable Canon AE-1 Program.  I locked the shutter open and hoped for the best.  I took some test shots and had all sorts of issues with focus, exposure, noise, and light from cars reflecting off of my lens.  
I made some adjustments and by the third night I started seeing some better results but still nothing that I liked very much.  I was tired and it was getting late but I decided to try one more picture at a different location.  I drove to the new location, took a couple of test shots to make sure the picture was framed the way I wanted, and then I locked the shutter open and waited.  Cold and tired I waited for what felt like hours, in truth was only 25 minutes, closed the shutter, and then turned in.  I didn’t even look at the picture until I got home the next day.  When I finally did look at the picture I was astonished to see that the image was framed to put the north star fixed in the upper right corner of the picture.   While setting up for the shot I did not even consider where the north star was.  I feel quite lucky to have captured an image where you can see the stars circling around the north star above Yosemite Fall…
Yosemite Falls at night
Stars circle around Polaris over Yosemite Fall


Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Lens: EF20mm f/2.8 USM
1500 Seconds
ISO 100

As much as I love this image it is by no means perfect.  In fact technically speaking it probably isn’t that good and there are a lot of things that I wish I had done differently.  I wish that instead of one picture I would have taken many and stacked the images to produce more pronounced star trails.  I wish that I had shot for 2 or more hours and not just 25 minutes.  Finally, I wish the image was better exposed (it is a little under exposed).  But even with all of its shortcomings it is still one of my favorite images from the trip.

Photoshop For Photographers Deal OPEN TO EVERYONE

Photoshop For Photographers Deal OPEN TO EVERYONE
Photoshop For Photographers Deal OPEN TO EVERYONE

Found this link today: If you don’t already have Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC this is a great deal!

Hello World!

Hello World!

So technically I have had this blog for a while but I have never really used it.  I am hoping to change that.  We will see how it goes but I think it is time to start documenting my adventures.  Not that they are anything to extraordinarily but I have fun with them.
I expect that this will primarily be a photography blog.  Or at least a place where I can share a few pictures and some of the stories and adventures behind them.  Besides photography you may find the occasional post about camping, backpacking, hiking, poker, travel, computer programming, gaming, and who knows what else.
Anyway,  thanks for stopping by.

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