Sequoia National Park – Path to Giant Forest Museum in April 2010


Roaring River Falls – Kings Canyon National Park – June 19th 2010

Kings River – Kings Canyon National Park

Sequoia National Park – Snowshoeing

Middle Fork Trail

I am slow in getting this up but a few weeks ago I got a new digital SLR camera and wanted to test it out so I headed up to Sequoia for some hiking/snowshoeing and of course picture taking.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do any camping this time around.  I had to work so I needed to make sure I had internet access.  I was able to get a good deal on a hotel in Three Rivers for three nights so I headed up Thursday evening.

Friday evening I headed into the foothills of the park and did some hiking up to and along the middle fork trail. 

The weather in the foothills was perfect for an evening hike and with the Great Western Divide looming over me I was soon wishing I had my tent and sleeping bag with me.  Alas I did

Dinner on the trail

 not.  So after making myself some dinner I headed back out to get a good night sleep at my hotel eager to get an early start in the morning.

It is great to get back up into the Sierras.  I can’t wait until it get a bit warmer, the snow starts to melt, and I can spend a few days in the backcountry.

More to come…
Another view from the Middle Fork Trail

The John Muir Trail

Here is a nice video I found on You Tube  of a couple and their hike on the John Muir Trail…

Sequoia National Park Fall Camping 2009 – Video

This past November I drove up to Sequoia National Park to do some car camping. 

I had wanted to go for months but seemed unable to make the time till November.  I took a couple of days off work and spend Thursday through Sunday at campsite number 66 at the Lodgepole campground.  The goal was to spend some time in the Sierras, dust off my gear, and test my outdoor skills.

It was a great trip and I had a ton of fun but there were definitely a few challenges.  It snowed on me Thursday night, rained & hailed on Friday night, the temperature dropped into the low 20’s, and my car wouldn’t start Friday morning.  All that said I still enjoyed several hikes, snow covered trees, amazing scenery, mist filled forest, and much more.

I took a video camera with me but did not film as much as I was planning but still put together a short video of my trip.  I hope you enjoy it.

Sequoia National Park Coyote 2009 – Video

One day I had a very friendly coyote spend about 45 minutes with me in camp.  Here is a quick video of the encounter.

More to come.